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Corporation Associates Website Design Studio creates Websites for businesses of all sizes. Our Design Team is here to produce a site mock-up based on your marketing plan. Each of the sites that we create are custom designed by our talented Graphic Designers, Marketers, and Story Tellers.

Each Website Includes:

Your brands identity deep dive to map out the next five years.
A custom URL exploration. You have many TLDs to choose from.
A Website Storyboard to plan out the user experience.
A custom created Website with SEO, sitemap, and Meta-data included.
Add your unique pictures or we can pull from our stock library.
We can embed your video's to draw in users to your content.
Add a BLOG and even profiles about your team members.
Add a company shop for users to buy right from your site.

Benefits of our Website Packages:

What our clients have to say

"Getting started was easy. They had my site up and running fast. Professional staff that is ready to help."

Dimas (Los Angeles, CA)

"I needed my site built fast. After speaking with my rep, we were able to fine-tune the site to work with our existing marketing plan."

Lauren (Everett, WA)

"What a great team. My website is up and running and looks great. I recommend talking with Corporation Associates before you invest in a Website."

Richard (San Francisco, CA)

Digital Content Marketing

Attract new customers by using webinars, white papers, e-books, articles, video's, podcasts, sales sheets, and other visual content.

Deliver Superior Customer Service

Post new items for sale, expected delivery dates, promotional coupons, online manuals, and implement an easy to use return system.

Hosted in the Cloud

Our Cloud Hosting partner secures your website to protect your customers, complete with backup power, and redundant fiber to the Internet backbone.

Highly Scalable

Use what you need. Our cloud infrastructure grows with your needs. Forget about tiered packages where you over-buy to cover what you need today and guess on your needs for tomorrow.

Resource Efficiency

A balanced hardware and software platform that self-manages your sites peak and off-peak demand resulting in faster load times for your customers.

Reduce Capital Expense

No hardware or software to buy - today or in the future. You receive the benefits of regular maintenance and upgrades. A complete package for you to run your business.

    • Service Business
    • Your website promotes your brand with a simple yet clear message.
    • A base marketing message created around what sets your business apart.
    • A service business sells value. Your website reinforces your brands value.
    • Deliver an amazing customer experience. Your website is the face of your business.
    • Use Online Account Management technology to increase your service to your customers.
    • Manufacturer
    • Your website must connect with potential customers by showcasing your human side.
    • Your website needs to be designed as the primary tool for business growth.
    • Your website content must draw-in your target audience attention.
    • Well-written content that is search engine-optimized will help your website rankings.
    • Use of pictures, videos, and descriptions of tools will increase the credibility of your company, brand and products.
    • Professional Business
    • Your website is where you will build your brand by informing clients what you are about.
    • A mobile friendly website will increase your number of hits. More traffic more business.
    • Use of strategic partnerships will help you refer clients as well as receive referrals.
    • Use of electronic records and an Online Account Management technology will increase your customer service.
    • Use your website to manage an affiliate program to streamline brand promoters.
    • E-Commerce
    • Your e-store must be easy to navigate, offer a powerful search, and easy checkout.
    • Product display pages should offer reviews and display similar items for comparison.
    • We will create product landing pages to promote items you have for sale and your store.
    • We will create an RSS feed showcasing all of the new products you have listed for sale.
    • A BLOG that discusses products and how they tie in with a persons lifestyle can be added.
    • Wholesale Business
    • Your website builds your brand and must be clear on what you offer and how you are different from your competition.
    • Your website should be built on a catalog technology. You should be showcasing your products and delivery terms.
    • We can create an easy online order process with an online account management system for reorder convenience.
    • We will incorporate an email signup system with specific emails to target markets.
    • Retail Business
    • Your website must create a strong brand image that ties directly to your retail shopping experience.
    • Your website design will include a strong mobile navigation and browsing experience. Shoppers love to browse from home.
    • Your site will include a backend where you can tailor products that are holiday relevant. This keeps your site fresh.
    • We will incorporate a podcast system to encourage visitors to shop with you and love the shopping experience.
    • Agents and Brokers
    • Your website will be designed to showcase you as the brand. Your image comes out strong with your personal style.
    • Your site will market you with the what, where, and how as the base marketing message to convert visitors to clients.
    • By using a podcast feature to strengthen your marketing message, you showcase your abilities.
    • Your website will make it easy for clients and visitors to reach out to you for assistance. You will stand out from the rest.
    • Hybrid
    • We will design your website with features for customers to interact with your business such as live streams and chats.
    • You may want to add online webinars and videos to strengthen your brand as the leader in your industry.
    • A backend feature for your site, a CRM system syncs everyone in customer service so they are consistent with their message.
    • Your website is designed around your product or platform business model, we can tailor for a mixed model.

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